Fear Data Gathering. Performance&Installation @Ideas Block

I’m standing by the white wall and read out loud the list of my fears, all sentences starting with “I’m afraid….”. Duration – approximately 40-60 min.


In the same room there is a voting booth, with black curtain. When you enter the booth, sensor lamp is switched-on (sort of Ikea). There is a table, pen and A6 format papers with 2 questions: 1. Are you afraid? 2. What are you afraid of?


By the booth there is a box where you can drop your vote. You write your e-mail in the register placed by the voting box, if you wish receive results from the data gathering (only for those, who voted).


By another wall, there is a screen and headphones. It shows the same performance non-stop.


Duration of the data gathering can be few days, up to 1 week. All this time video from is being dispayed.


After it’s finished, the gathered data is summarized and sent out to the contacts in the wish list and published in the fb Based on the data gathered, next art project is made.


Why this project? Fear is a big stopper. Everyone is afraid of something. Some of the fears are hidden very deeply. If you do not call them, you cannot face them and you cannot fight them. Fears can be very diverse. And they can be sort of inspiration. You do not want to talk about your fear. This is kind of imperfection. But if it is an experiment? Something for art? Would it change then? Can you share? Can you be open? How much can you open yourself? And what’s next?

Photo credits: Gintaras Staučė